An Intro of Sorts

I have always wanted to create. Even at a young age I was desperate to give things language. A sort of itch, a drive, to make something known. Whether it was a twist of words that played a specific beat, a way to explain the world we explored, or a whole entire different world to create rules for.

At that same young age, I was realizing something didn’t quite line up with my view of self and the worlds’ view of me. The words being used around me and at me didn’t seem to jive the same way they did with my peers. So, I went looking for words. Dove into stories and wrangled words around in an attempt to find ones that fit me. Nothing ever quite fit, but they were useful lifelines in what has become a long search.

I’m older now, better at seeking words out, better at teasing them from unorthodox places. And I am learning to make my own. Finding ways to give words to all these nuances I felt lost in. Mimicking the bits of stories I find holding a bit of echo for me until I create something that resonates.

Which is why we’re here, on a site that collects my writings into one little corner. That has pages for the writing, reading, and rambling of my life. Because it’s all connected. Every bit of word I’ve come across has shaped my language one way or another. Now here I get to create words and share language, in the hopes that someone who needs those words as much as I did comes across them. If someone finds an echo of their story in my words, I’m happy.

My mother is also a champion of play, but that’s for a whole other post one of these days. I really think we need to play more with our words.

That being said, my name is Lys and I write now.